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Monitoring Stations

Monitoring Stations

Sentry Receiver

The Sentry is a PIMA advanced digital standalone receiver for Monitoring Stations. The Sentry supports Telephone, Radio and Ethernet communication; it can receive events from thousands intruder alarm systems and process them to the Monitoring Station management application via serial (RS-232) channel or network (Ethernet).

The Sentry is controlled and monitored by the PIMAGuard application.

Key Features

  • 4 PSTN inputs
  • 2 Radio inputs
  • Supports most PSTN protocols: PAF, NPAF, PID, CID, SIA, PULSE and more
  • Supports most Radio protocols: PAF, NPAF, PID, Milcol-D, Intrac-2000 and more1
  • Supports Central Monitoring Station management applications such as Surgard, Ademco 685 and more
  • COM and Ethernet interfaces to Monitoring Station’s management applications
  • AC power and a backup battery
  • Can be remotely controlled


  • Independent of any other computer in the Monitoring Station.
  • Keeps working even when the Monitoring Station’s computer or management application malfunctions
  • Saves events to memory in case of a failure of the Monitoring Station’s management application or of the communication
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is not required